What is coaching?

It is a way of structuring dialogue with yourself. Concretely, we book a range of 60 mins sessions, where you bring issues and challenges, you need to reflect on, and I ask questions for you to find ways forward. The conversations serve your purpose and follow your agenda, and are always 100% confidential.

How do I know if coaching is right for me or my company?

Good question – maybe you do not. I am trained to help you establish whether coaching is appropriate, so get in touch, and we’ll have a free, no-strings-attached conversation to establish just that. It happens that once or twice out of 10 times I ask prospective clients to refrain from coaching. Not everybody is coachable at any point in time.

Do you offer ongoing consulting services?

I structure my deliveries in cooperation with every client. Sometimes it’s a process over stretches of time (which is usually the case with individual coaching), and sometimes it’s a one-time gig. Let us talk about what you are looking for.

How do I book a coaching program/session?

We always begin with a conversation about your needs, timing and scope. After such a conversation, I usually need 1-2 weeks for preparation/available slots. One of my keywords is pragmatism, so get in touch, and we’ll speak soon.