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Imparo Leadership works with corporations, public authorities and non-profit organizations to address organizational challenges and boost authenticity. Imparo Leadership offers coaching for C-suite, middle managers, and key professionals, and collaborates with you for team development and learning in groups of employees across functions.

Case 1: Developing authenticity of a technical manager

Context: Client is a high-achieving manager of consultants, whom she mostly interacts with online. She longs for more authenticity, personal presence and wants to position herself for greater roles within the company.

Transformation: With 6 sessions, client moves from detail orientation to greater systemic perspective and trust of own strategic talent. Strengthens her capacity to prioritize, assumes responsibility, voices her ambitions – and actively seeks more senior positions.

Case 2: Refining VP’s strategic effectiveness

Context: Client is a highly appreciated leader, exercising transformational leadership and clearly representing the company’s future. However, he experiences structural blockage and bad leadership in relation to the company’s top-management.

Transformation: During 6 sessions, client identifies strategies to change his stuckness, practices how to resource himself and consequently makes the move to an expatriate position as head of operations abroad.

Case 3: Facilitating senior civil servant career transition

Context: Client has a straight career within the judicial system, leading 45 direct reports and being operatively involved with issues exposed to public scrutiny. She wants to change career and rebrand skills, expand networks and define her way into a different professional identity.

Transformation: Over the span of 10 sessions, client gains new insights regarding values and competencies, and plans strategically to create a new direction in her professional life.

Case 4: Strengthening a GM’s executive presence

Context: Manager of a high-performing team of 8 individuals wants help with tapping further into their shared potential.

Transformation: During our 6 sessions, client addresses his vulnerability and courage. He develops techniques for calling upon his full self in his executive role. With access to more of his potential, the client successfully leads the implementation of the merger.

Case 5: Growing team spirit among software consultants


Context: Manager of a high-performing team of 8 individuals wants help with tapping further into their shared potential.

Transformation: I design a 6 months’ process, where team members co-create series of workshops. By taking responsibility for choosing topics and dedicating time to shared work on joy, values and needs, team identifies new capacities and greater sense of shared mission.

Case 6: Boosting courage of internal auditors


Context: A special and vulnerable profession, internal auditors from various organizational settings get together to share and spar on a regular basis.

Transformation: In a custom-made workshop, participants focus on courage and link it to their professional, ethical standards. This enables deep, nourishing, and meaningful conversations and self-reflection during one afternoon.

Case 7: Moving excellent managers to greater leadership

Context: A group of 18 managers from various functions in a global manufacturing organization. Identified as company’s emerging leaders, and in need of expanding their strategic and operational capacities. 

Transformation: I design and manage an 11-day program over 6 months, including world-class faculty on various topics aiming at deep and shared learning.  Participants network and deliver concrete learnings back into their organization.

Case 8: Training on transformational leadership for engineering managers

Context: Highly skilled engineers from different business units in an international company need leadership training and networking.

Transformation: In a 3-hour workshop, Imparo introduces transformational leadership and self-leadership, and participants share and achieve immediate results for application in their daily jobs.

Clients say

How much more powerful would training/coaching be if they all were facilitated by Mette! She is so professional, easy to connect with, and challenges you to get the most out of your training/coaching. I can recommend everybody to reach out to Mette if you want to get the most out of your own development.

Natascha van der Lijke

HR Director, SKF

I recently completed a series of coaching sessions with Mette. She is very perceptive and could really guide me to finding solutions and paths forward that I often had within. She helped me a lot with perspective, to go high and low as necessary. I had several aha-moments during our sessions and I always felt motivated to take on challenges and opportunities after our sessions. I highly recommend Mette as a coach!

Peter Bladh

Director R&D, Kollmorgen

Mette delivered a 90-mins online workshop for more than 130 of our managers on the importance of values and self-leadership for leading in VUCA-times. It was much appreciated – 56 of 57 participants found it very good.

Åsa Thulin

Director of Communications, Lerum Municipality

I recently completed the Aalto EE Business of Culture course with Mette as my executive coach. Her professionalism and intuitive approach were one of the top experiences of this course. The topics reached far beyond business or culture. Mette truly challenged me in ways that gave me food for thought in a long-lasting way. I highly recommend Mette as a coach.

Sarri Vuorisalo-Tiitinen


Mette managed to keep a group of IT, Finance & HR professionals on task during multiple week-long sessions. Her methods to provoke thought and foster a positive networking environment were greatly appreciated by the group.

Don Friday

Controller, SKF USA Inc.

WOW, what incredible results I received through her skilled, supportive and intuitive guidance. Mette’s coaching helped me gain greater perspective and clarity in the decisions that I was making while at the same time helped me feel more empowered and in control of my mental and emotional state. I highly recommend Mette as a coach, trainer, workshop presenter, and other positions where you need to bring the best out of people.

Lee Giove

Innovation Strategist & Entrepreneur