About Imparo Leadership

Why Imparo Leadership? Because learning never ends.

I help clients reach their true and full potential. I bring humor, warmth and curiosity – I raise individual and team awareness, and ability to respond.

Mette Sjöberg Anthonsen

I work based on existential and systemic training and operate best in the interface between personal and professional matters.

I’m always focusing on the most meaningful outcome for both individuals and organizations.

I am a certified coach (ICF, PCC) and practitioner of systemic coaching & constellations. Also, I have a PhD in Political Science, a MA in International Studies and a BA in Journalism. I’ve gained a lot of formal training, which has been good fun and hard work.

However, the greatest learnings seem to emerge from getting my hands, head and heart involved in life from parenting three children with a great age span, doing sports, being a wife and travel companion and living in a country other than where I was born and raised. Or from alternating daily between Danish, Swedish and English, dancing between academic, public and corporate settings. I’m learning a great deal even from accomplishing magic in the kitchen – and always from reading.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and thriving with a global client base.

My values:  Compassion, Courage, Competence, Perspective & Play 

My strengths: Strategic, Empathy, Connectedness, Futuristic & Communication

“Mette immediately puts you at ease with her empathetic, yet extremely intuitive manner. Her straightforward and uncomplicated style resonated with me very much, and I was amazed at how much ground we covered. Lots of food for thought and reflections have given me new insights.”

— Yvonne Carlisle, Head of Department, Human Resource Management, Head of International (NBS)

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Upcoming Projects

Mera medkänsla – a thin book on compassion. It is in Swedish and available to order at your regular book store. I am contemplating a translation to English… 


I have interviewed 10 individuals, who live and work compassionately to explore the concept and how to exercise it in daily life.

Among interviewees are a former under-UN Secretary-General, a yogic nun, a medical doctor, a scientific zoo director, an ethics & compliance expert and a professional dancer.